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Pixelfuse is the digital practice of Paul Ferguson, a UX and creative professional who helps drive businesses forward with smart, engaging experiences that connect with users.
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UX and strategy with a creative soul.
Paul Ferguson is a UX and creative leader with over 20 years of experience helping clients succeed with interactive experiences, strategic branding and creative campaigns.
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the building blocks of digital media
a pathway to something powerful
a failsafe preventing harm
the building blocks of digital media
a pathway to something powerful
a failsafe preventing harm
Pixelfuse combines two familiar concepts — one is pixels, as in digital media. The other is a fuse, which can be multiple things — a pathway to a something powerful (like lighting the fuse to a rocket) or a failsafe preventing something undesirable (like a fuse in a circuit).
As a UX professional, I strive to use digital media to accomplish both of these goals: guiding users along a path to a positive outcome, while protecting them from pitfalls that can confuse or derail them, all while creating the best possible experience along the way. It isn’t always a straight line — but it always keeps the user, and your customer, at the center.
But to get it started, it still takes a spark — and that inspiration is the key to creating something great for your users and customers. My extensive experience as an art director, writer and creative director combine (yep, that’s yet another meaning of the word fuse) with UX thinking and strategy to enable outstanding experiences.
Strategic storytelling? Creative hijinx? Yeah, I do that too.
I’m also a creative director with a passion for telling compelling brand stories that connect with customers. If you need creative inspiration to go with your UX problem solving, check out the rest of my work at:
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